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Alamance County Community Remembrance Coalition

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Mission & Vision

The Alamance County Community Remembrance Coalition memorializes documented victims of racial terror, fosters meaningful dialogue about race and justice, and educates our county about our history, using EJI projects and community events in collaboration with relevant organizations.

Our Vision is to see a diverse and equitable community transformed through healing from racial terror.

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Our Goals

These projects and the other engagement efforts that community coalitions develop, center the African American experience of racial injustice, empower African American community members who have directly borne this trauma, and invite the entire community to use truth to give voice to those experiences and expose their legacies.


Community Education

Soil Collection


History Marker

Lynching Memorial

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"For the hanged and beaten.
For the shot, drowned, and burned.
For the tortured, tormented, and terrorized.
For the abandoned by the rule of law.
We will remember.
With hope because hopelessness is the enemy of justice.
With courage because peace requires bravery.
With persistence because justice is a constant struggle.
With faith because we shall overcome."

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